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Door Solutions is a skilled trade service manned solely by me, Bill Reeves. I'm hands-on with every job from first contact through to completion. I'm highly skilled, take pride in my work, and I leave each customer pleased and confident with my door repairs and installations. See the customer Good Press page. Just Doors – Doors Done Right.

– Scheduling –
Plus other evolving information central to DS operations ...

3 March 2018 Update

• The estimates queue for new customers remains frozen •
• Estimate and work operations are being conducted part-time •
• The Door Solutions service area remains the same •

I have a number of work requests from returning customers that I will take up first as the Door Solutions winter down-time comes to a close. My policy has always been to give priority to the needs of returning customers.

The estimates queue for new customers remains frozen. Door Solutions is operating on a limited, part-time basis. The queue, once reopened, will open for a short time only. A limited number of new estimates will be scheduled, then the queue frozen again. Check back here regularly for the latest queue and scheduling status.

The service area includes the City of Alexandria proper plus the southern-most part of Arlington, below Columbia Pike. It excludes Alexandria's postal zone in Fairfax County. Please see the Service Area Map.

Operational items of note are detailed on the General Service Policies page, including: The Door Solutions Mission Statement, contact information, the estimates queue, job rescheduling, job payments, winter operations, service area, and the DS guarantee.

Check here (Scheduling DS Logo) and also at Door Solutions TwitterFollow DoorSolutions on Twitter for DS updates and other notices. (DS Twitter is not strictly confined to DS matters, though; my eclectic interests urge me to mix it up!)

Affordable Help
Know most costs involved at a glance, right now ...

The most common door repairs and installations are offered by Door Solutions. DS sports a Services & Prices listing, unique for this type of business. If the door work you seek isn't on the listing, I may still be able to help or direct you to the help you need – email Email DS me. On smaller jobs, a minimum labor charge applies (see amount: bottom-right of the Services & Prices listing). The listing includes:


• Entry Door Repairs:
Adjust strikes
Install new locks
Adjust fit • no trimming
Refit door • with trimming
Viewers & knockers
Install mail slots
Replace glass inserts
Raise threshold & refit door
Jamb repairs • forced entry
Repair mortise lock cavities

• Weather Stripping:
Door bottoms
Install thresholds
Q-Lon • prehung doors
Alu-vinyl • wood doors
Bronze • wood doors
Complete door seal treatments

• Storm & Screen Doors:
Door sweeps
Safety chains
Latches & closers
Repairs • wind damage
Rescreen inserts
Refit/rehang door
Install metal storm doors
& wood screen/storm doors

• Patio Sliding Door Repairs:
Adjust panels
Latches & handles
Replace tracks
Replace rollers
Replace glass panels
Rescreen sliding screens
Custom sized sliding screens

• Hinged Interior Doors:
Adjust strikes
Adjust fit • no trimming
Shorten door
Refit door • with trimming
Install slab doors
& pre-hung door units

• Bifold, Bypass & Pocket Doors:
Adjust fit & repair doors
Replace track & hardware
Install new units
& custom sized units
Install & repair pocket doors

• Locksets & Deadbolts:
(Using Schlage locksets)
Hall & closet
Bed & bath
Keyed entry
Dead bolt • keyed & keypad
Combo set
Install customer's locksets
New lockset holes & mortises
Repair mortise lock cavities
Re-key Schlage locks

• Pet Doors Installed:
On hinged entry doors
In sliding patio units

• Other Door Work •

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Framed Entry Door Units
Framed entry unit installations are not offered, only entry repairs ...

Framed entry door unit installations (single units with/without side-lites, double and patio units) were few in number over the years and are no longer offered by DS. These installations are better suited to outfits that routinely handle framed entry units.

For framed entry door unit installations, contact Larney Carson of Professional Door Services – (703) 978-3393, email prodoorservices@gmail.com. Also, Just Doors would be a company to contact for dependable door unit installations. But if less demanding, budget-minded work will do, please look to the usual places like Lowe's or Home Depot for this type of door work.

Existing entry door repairs of all types, of course, remain on my services lineup. Read the Fairlington Entry Doors DH Article to see what I can do with an ailing entry door. A viable, cost-saving overhaul will add many, many years to its life.

More Help
With recommendations on door finishing ...

My Door Hinge Articles provide useful information about doors of all types, including how to maximize a door's service life. The Links page assembles a number of door related concerns for quick access and also includes several Glossaries where you can brush up on your door terminology. And don't miss the Short Tips page featuring sharp, rapid bursts of sage observations guaranteed to save you time, money, and frustration ... edify yourself!

Most new doors will require finishing after installation, but please note that I'm a door mechanic, not a painter! Finishing services are not included in jobs, nor are they ever offered by Door Solutions. I'm very pleased, though, to refer you to Orlando Santa Cruz, a finishing professional who knows how important prep work is and who will take the time needed to finish your door (or entire house) properly. You can reach Orlando directly at (703) 505-4535. Read this glowing testimonial of Orlando as was posted on the Beverley Hills Neighborhood listserv – now that's a painter!

Also in the finishing department, a past customer (a Fairlington resident) located a professional who had the proper skills to completely strip an original Fairlington entry door of all paint down to its bare solid poplar wood. 25 or more coats of paint (all types) exist on these doors that were made in the early 1940's! The finisher's name is Mario Ovando. Try reaching him at (703) 671-9214. I have never met Mario, but my customer swears by him, and I have seen the results he achieved on the stripped and refinished entry door. It's an amazing job, to say the least; the 70+ year old door looked band new after he was done with it!

Remember, I'm not a painter(!), but I can recommend a paint, having seen it used by professional painters on doors I've installed. For exterior doors: SuperPaintŪ Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint, and for interior doors: SuperPaintŪ Interior Acrylic Latex Paint. These Sherwin-Williams paints combine paint and primer in one and produce excellent finishes on doors.

On the lighter side of things ...

Just for fun. A nod to an ad campaign of a bygone time (1927-1963!) when billboards ruled the world of roadside advertising. These ubiquitous signs were smaller than most others, but captured attention in a very big way – a brilliant campaign! Slow down, pull on over to the Door-Man-Bill page ... and lather up.

My other business ...

Bill Reeves Photography. Most of the for-hire photography I do is architectural in nature, home-related, like door work. But more of a connection lies in the approach. Both door work and photography demand a lot of looking to achieve the very best results. Vist BRP and see how 'I'm looking' at homes and other subjects. And also check my Panoramio page, where I'll post a snapshot every now and then.


Let's get started!

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